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Actually the city had two levels of walls, an inner and outer wall or upper and lower wall, and both fell (it was built on a type of hill or tell).

If the wind only blows on the wall when it is in the furtherst bending point, the wall would bend more and more and eventually collapse.I thought the unraveling of this mystery was very neat, and I definitely learned some new terms for sound.It never really occurred to me that sound could be directed at a certain spot.However nowhere does the Bible specifically say it was the sound waves themselves that caused the walls to fall just that it happened while the people shouted.Anyway the archeological evidence seems to indicate that God sent an Earthquake at exactly the moment they shouted, and that 8m high 2m thick mud-brick wall on top of the 4m high revetment wall and embankment fell down and created ruble high enough for them to climb over the embankment and stone revetment wall.

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